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Yigal Ayalon

Yigal Ayalon

Owner and Founder

The work I'm doing is based on the Alpha Anywhere platform that help me fulfill my moto "The impossible we do at once, miracles take a little longer". All of my projects with Alpha are for local market in Israel and my contribution to Alpha Anywhere is on the Internationalization support especially with the Right to Left languages like Hebrew.

At DevCon 2014 I presented the issue "Building multilingual applications - the Hebrew challenge" that demonstrated the issue that need to be addressed when working on a Hebrew project.

I worked for Motorola Solutions Israel for 24 years in the IT devision as a programer and team leader with the application development department.

Here are some of the projects that I developed during my work in Motorola Solutions Israel :

  • P&L (Profit & Loss) reporting for the finance department.

  • Travel application for Motorola workers that handled the ordering process of business flights.

  • Expense Reporting application for reimbursement of business expenses. 

  • Various application for the Human Resources department for handling employees benefits.


My worked was mainly with SQL DB and part of the item I acted as the DBA for the SQL server.

On 2012 I retired from Motorola Solutions Israel and since then I’m developing with Alpha Anywhere as the owner and founder of Go4App.

One of my first Alpha Anywhere projects was to create a managment system for "Home4Best - The House for released soldiers", 

Starting at 2015 I started working for Sela Logistic, a leading company in Israel for home appliances deliveries around the country, I cend customerreated a business web site that show the various suppliers that works with Sela Logistics the information about their orders and all the data how and when the goods has Been delivered to the end customer.

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