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On Alpha DevCon 2016, Richard Rabins, the CEO of Alpha Anywhere gave this opening speech:

Welcome - to all the people who are committed to Alpha and who hail from 6 continents. You all share a common bond - the desire to build sophisticated offline capable mobile and web apps as fast as possible.


It has been a very good year at Alpha


Major strides have been made in the product to ensure that it fully meets the demands of enterprises - I will leave  the details re this to the rest of the team


We have also been recognized by the press and analysts as a company that offers a very sophisticated Rapid Application Development and Deployment solution without limits. Infoworld gave us the 2016 product of the year for Mobile award and we have achieved the highest score in Gartners peer review where they survey actual uses of the product.


Why? With Alpha Anywhere you get a sophisticated and highly productive platform the and the confidence that you can always get the job done because of Alpha's unique coding optional approach. 


Building great B2B and B2E mobile apps is hard and in the past has required very skilled native developers or developers who create their own stack and develop at a low level by writing a lot of code. This is a problem because there a critical shortage of this class of developer and it takes too long to build the apps that meet the requirements of enterprises. Alpha Anywhere allows IT developers of all skill levels and even power users  in business units to build sophisticated offline capable mobile and web apps rapidly by dramatically reducing the amount of code the developer needs to write. It allows companies to produce results and achieve a competitive advantage with the people they have vs with the highly skilled mobile developers they wished they had.


At Alpha there is an increased emphasis on Sales and Marketing along with continued and even accelerating attention to product.


During the course of the year we have added many of the Fortune 500 customers to our customer list - because Alpha Anywhere is all about delivering results fast and predictably and can be used by a broader base of developers.  


We are committed to being recognized as the defacto standard in RMAD because of the power built in, the easy and scalable deployment and the assurance that you will hit never hit the wall


Our objective is to make you look good - whether it is to your boss or colleagues in an enterprise, whether it is to end-users if you have a vertical market app or whether you are a consulting firm and you use Alpha as your "weapon" to give you a competitive edge


Thank you again for being here. I know you will learn a lot and also get a feel for and be inspired what others are doing.

Richard Rabins,  

CEO  Alpha Software Corporation

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